Google Analytics -How to use google analytics

  • What is Google Analytics?
  • How use and set up Google Analytics

1.What is Google Analytics  ?

                                                            Google Analytics is free Google service there anyone analysishere website  performance.Google Analytics provide many features to analysis your website and blogs.
Feature Of Analytics
  • Analysis Traffic sources i
  • Analysis Operating System
  • Analysis Page Views
  • Analysis Browser 
  • Analysis Operating Devices
  • Analysis Real Time Traffics
  • And more....

2.How use  and Set up Google Analytics ?

                                                                 It is very  simple go on a browser and type here google anayltics  after open the page there you look a sing up button press it and fill up form
enter your website name user name website url change date according your country stander time zone after complet your form then press get token/id/code they are give you a script coding select the coding and paste in your website     before </body></head> tags. After few minute your analytics tool active and slow you follow traffic and more information.Now compelet process  

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